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NCBAA’s General Counsel, Steven A. McCloskey, has written a book entitled Bail Bond and Surety Law In North Carolina. You can purchase it for about $38.00 online at,, or The reviews of Steve’s book have been very positive, and we encourage you to give it a look.

Amazon link: Bail Bond & Surety Law

Barnes & Noble link: Bail Bond & Surety Law

This book is an invaluable guide and resource not only for bail bondsmen and sureties doing business in North Carolina, but for attorneys and judges as well. As such, this book will help bail bonding professionals and sureties avoid potential costly and expensive minefields, and can save them, and attorneys practicing bail bond law, considerable time, energy and money.

The Governor signed H446 that raises the age of a bail agent from 18 to 21. It also gives us access to civil records (VCAP) in addition to our access to criminal records (ACIS).
The new 2016 Membership Directory is in production. Members receive one copy free and may purchase up to 5 additional copies for $5 each plus shipping (subject to availability). Non-members may purchase up to 5 copies for $15 each plus shipping (subject to availability). Contact NCBAA Headquarters for more information.

Let us know what you think and your concerns. Email us at or call the office at 919-832-0867.

Representing North Carolina’s bail agents and preserving the private bail industry were the reasons the North Carolina Bail Agents Association (NCBAA) was created. The association works to ensure members have access to quality continuing education training as well as feel a sense of comfort that their professional interests are represented and protected.

As a member of NCBAA, you are entitled to a variety of benefits and services. We hope, as a member of NCBAA, you use this section as a resource. Take a minute to review the benefits available to you as a member.

We also hope you learn how you might become a member of the association if you are not already. We are dedicated to being a resource and advocate for the bail industry and the state’s bail agents.

Finally, as a member, it is crucial that you know NCBAA is committed to seeing the bail industry and its interests represented at the North Carolina General Assembly. We encourage our members to stay up-to-date on the association’s current legislative news, and we welcome all to join our Surety Guild and have a voice in how our industry is shaped.