The North Carolina Bail Agents Association (NCBAA) believes the bail agents it represents play a crucial role in the states judicial system and, therefore, deserve to be represented by a professional association. As a member of NCBAA, you join more than 1,200 bail agents currently doing business in North Carolina that receive industry information, education and professional enhancement.

We realize our members are held to strict guidelines issued by the state and we realize that as a bail agent, you take your responsibilities to the courts and your community seriously. As you work to provide a much needed service that is beneficial to the courts, the justice system and the community, your Association works to make your membership have a lasting impact.

As a member of NCBAA, you will:

Advance your profession
Contribute to positive industry awareness
Network with peers
Understand legislation affecting your industry
Stay updated on industry news, trends and research
Get association logo items
Get discounts on NCBAA continuing education classes
Receive a NCBAA newsletter and annual directory
Discount hotel rates for any stay in Raleigh

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Sunday, May 24, 2015
Physical Address:
3948 Browning Place
Ste. 325 Raleigh, NC 27609
Mailing Address:
NCBAA P.O. Box 19663
Raleigh, NC 27619
Phone Number:  919-832-0867

Fax Number:  1-866-249-7020


With more than 1,400 bail agents in business in North Carolina today, it is crucial to have a strong Association in place that work to protect, preserve and promote the private bail industry which is exactly what the North Carolina Bail Agents Association does.

As an Association, NCBAA is dedicated to providing the best quality education available through Pre-licensing and Continuing Education classes.  The Association’s goals are to prepare those seeking to attain a bail bond license and to inform licensed bondsmen of updated laws and developments relevant to their livelihood.

NCBAA’s PowerPoint Pre-licensing Course is highly illustrated with graphics to make learning statutes and regulations easy for someone who has little or no bail bond knowledge.  Along with the PowerPoint presentation, the course provides detailed, experienced instruction that leads the student in a step by step logical order to cover all laws and procedures of bail bonding in North Carolina.  The course also provides “hands-on” exercises  for the various forms used in bail bonding.  Numerous mini-tests are given during the course with multiple oral reviews spaced throughout the class time to help ensure the student’s comprehension of the material.

Continuing Education future classes are designed with the help of survey results provided by bail bondsmen attending current classes to ensure that topics cover the changing and challenging industry facing all licensed bondsmen today while covering new laws and regulations.  As your Association, the Board of Directors are dedicated to ensuring that members receive quality Continuing Education so you are productive players  in the bail bonding industry as well as the state’s overall justice system. 

NCBAA is the only Association and Provider working for better bail bond laws and for the benefit of all individual bondsmen.  Funding provided by Pre-licensing, Continuing Education and membership dues allow these goals to be met and standards to be upheld.

Our main goal is to protect, preserve, promote and improve our industry and the livelihood of all bondsmen in North Carolina.  The second part of NCBAA’s goal is to help improve the overall judicial system and keep the bondsmen of North Carolina an integral part of that system. 

NCBAA – Bonding for Your Future!

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